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Burn Comics

Burn Comics

Work experience: 
Senior Animator at Ready At Dawn Studios
2009 - Present 

Lead System Designer at Carbine Studios
2005 - 2008 

Senior Animator at Blizzard Entertainment 
2001 - 2005 

Animator at Retro Studios
1999 - 2001 

Ringling School of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Computer Animation, 1995-1999. 

Artistic inflences: Jim Lee, Yukito Kishiro, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Travis Charest, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Maduriera, Art Adams, Mike Mignola... 

Likes: sleep, candy, thunderstorms, meat, strawberry pie, happy people, music, movies, rollerblading, happy computers, honesty, video games, animation, comic books, warm underwear, instant messages 

Dislikes: hiccups, pulp, speed bumps, flakiness, stepping in puddles with socks on.


Sticker Brand

We offer stylish wall decal stickers for your interior rooms. 
Thousands of unique original design artwork to choose from.

Outlet Key Shop

Outlet Key Shop

Outlet Key Shop has been a family run business for over 30 years. This mild manner company first came into existence in the late 1970’s. Back then going as “a action outlet key shop” . With the support of Knoxville, We very quickly became a local staple in the Lonsdale community. After 30 years of rescuing Knoxvillians, outlet key shop was entrusted To the bishops. Doc and Erin acquired outlet key shop in April 20 11 . With the change in ownership, the “ new” outlet key shop was born, Ushering in the next generation of locksmiths.

We re professional superheroes!

Outlet key shop delivers peace of mind by rescuing you before, during and after you press the pause button on life (locked out, missing keys, etc). We deliver the best in customer service and solutions to your Every lock problem. Here at Outlet Key Shop, we sign all of our work with Excellence. We accomplish this by treating your problems like our Problems and providing a cost effective solution. Our promise is that we will treat you the way we would expect to be treated.

Art Contempo

Art Contempo

ArtContempo is an artist co-op, formed by a group  of local artists in and around Dunedin, Florida. Our numerous co-op artists all specialize in various mediums, which enables us to offer you a wider variety of artistic services and works of art for purchase from our artist co-op.

Browse our co-op artists portfolio pages and check out our Art for Sale online. ArtContempo's Artist Co-Op Members offer beautiful fine art treasures for your home or office space.

From muralists and fine art photographers, Interior Desingers and faux painters, portrait artists and graphic artists, our co-op artists have the talent you need for your next artistic project. Let us transform your space today. Call or email us for a free consultation now.

Intuitive Organizing

Intuitive Organizing

Intuitive Organizing is owned and operated by Cassandra Moll, a local artist, mother and professional organizer. Cassie has been organizing as a side job since she was in high school and even has some of the same clients from those many years ago. Although she went into retail management and then into office management, enjoying her experiences and learning many skills, she always felt a need to be her own boss. After the birth of her children, this dream would become a reality! The desire to have her own schedule led her to go out on her own and further develop the working relationships that were already in place. Over the years, she has grown as a referral based business and is proud of the change that she has helped create for her clients and for her community.

Cassie has a strong belief that by helping people reach their own maximum efficiency, she can free their time and allow them to channel their newfound energies into community outreach on all levels. She has devoted her free time into creating a network of local artists and business owners who are like minded in their devotion to the betterment of society at large. She feels strongly in supporting local organizations and in the idea of working WITH each other, not FOR each other.

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