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Ever since I was a kid I've always liked fantasy, cartoons and sci-fi shows and movies. Around 11 years old I got into comics. It wasn't until I was 13 that I had my first art class. That was when I knew that I wanted to continue to do art so I can create my own characters, stories and worlds that was only limited by my imagination.

After doing graphics and art for over 20 years I felt the need to create this site in order to put my art out into this world and fulfill my dream I had as a kid.

Over time I will continue to do make further progress in the stories i create and character development to flesh out the bizarre lands of ErixWorld.

Thank you for visiting.


thoughts cthulu

Inktober 2017

From Underwater - sketch From Underwater Shy Crooked Gigantic Swift - sketch Swift Poison - sketch Poison Long - sketch Long Sword - sketch Sword Screech - sketch Screech Run Shattered Teeming

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